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David J Bush

Nov 24, 2006, 8:09:53 AM11/24/06
> sed 's/^X//' << 'SHAR_EOF' > 'hexkriger-six-olympiad06-1.six' &&
> BoardSize: 11x11
> First: V
> Swap: 1
> Moves:
> X 1. A2 (0 ms) Swap (1563 ms)
> X 2. F6 (5749 ms) F8 (3934 ms)
> X 3. E8 (3343 ms) D10 (3642 ms)
> X 4. E9 (4248 ms) E10 (3519 ms)
> ...

| ...
| (2) A11 was the top of the board, a1 the left corner, which seems
| perverse to me
| (3) white plays first
| (4) a swap changes sides.
| All of these choices made transcription a pain.

You did fine overall. But I'm still a little confused here about
swap. Is A1-A11 a white border row or black? If it's white, then
since swap changes sides, F6 was played by black and F8, played by
white, does not make much sense. So, I conclude that A1-A11 and
K1-K11 are black's border rows. But that implies that the first move,
A2, played by white, was on white's border row. I believe it has
been proven that A2 loses and should not be swapped, and the proof
is similar to the proof for A1. So I'm a bit surprised Six would
swap it. Not that it matters very much at this level of play...



Nov 24, 2006, 6:43:26 PM11/24/06
to playhex

First, an erratum: in this game the opening move was a3, not a2. No
other move was nearby, so it didn't matter, but I'm afraid my proofing
was inadequate.

In the tournament, swapping changes sides so that the second player
assumes the role of white. No stones are moved and no grid labels are
shifted. The lettered sides are white's goal, the numbered sides are
black's, whether swapped or not. So A1-A11 is an edge that bears the
numbers, and is black's goal. This is backwards from, for instance,
the way that Cameron labeled things in his "Hex Strategy".

So A2 (ahem, A3) was played by white on black's goal edge, which is a
common opening. Since this game was played through to the bitter end,
and won by Six (starting as white, but swapped to black), you should be
able to piece it together.

Further: all moves including the first remain at the indicated
coordinates, swapped game or no. Six played both A3 and the reply at

++ kevin

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