Six wins gold

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David J Bush

Nov 22, 2006, 10:39:22 AM11/22/06
I do appreciate your work in supplying the scores for all
the games, Kevin!

The programs sure played quickly. Was any sort of time limit
imposed on the participants?



Nov 22, 2006, 9:52:15 PM11/22/06
to playhex

My bad. I meant to mention that. The times are a non-optional feature
of Six, and represent how long it took my fumbling fingers to
transcribe the games from the ICGA Journal. They don't mean anything
more than that.

The article did not mention time control, so I don't know how long they
had to play. One hint, perhaps: the two rounds were played on
successive days, and each program had to play 4 games on each day. So
I would surmise 1 or 2 hours allowed for a game.

Also, I should mention that in two games, I altered the record so that
it ended with a play by the winner. One was shortened by one play, one
lengthened the same amount, and I judged that it did not obscure any
relevant point about the play.

++ kevin

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