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Gabriel Vigliensoni

Jan 2, 2010, 7:54:58 PM1/2/10
to playdar

I have a bunch of music (100 GB) in a webserver. I would like to know
how to install the playdar server in the webserver in order to listen
directly from the web. In addition, it would be a nice way to share
music with other people.




Jan 5, 2010, 5:40:59 PM1/5/10
to playdar
There's no tool (at the moment) that you could drop onto your server
that would make this happen - though it could almost certainly be done
without too much hassle.

The real problem you need to address (and I'd imagine the reason why
you haven't had a quick reply to your question) is that the playdar
crew are dedicated to the *legal* distribution of music. You may have
100GB of your own music on your server, but unless its music you own
the copyright to, or are licenced to distribute, you won't find
support here to share it via playdar.

I know its kinda frustrating - I love to share too - but at the end of
the day, the aim of playdar is to allow people to play whatever song
they want *legally* so you can see why it has to be this way.

If however you've got 100GB of music you're licenced to distribute
then I can safely say we're all very excited to hear you'd like to
share it with playdar! Just throw a reply on here and we can start
bashing out some ideas. It shouldn't be very difficult to provide a
script or a fully fledged application that can distribute your music
to let everyone enjoy your tunes - unfortunately its likely to be a
solution tailored to your collection, so you'd have to give specifics
before we could help!


On Jan 3, 12:54 am, Gabriel Vigliensoni <>

James Wheare

Jan 5, 2010, 6:00:43 PM1/5/10
I think the bigger issue is that the Playdar daemon as it stands is really not built to be exposed to the web. It hasn't been tested at all with the level of concurrent connections you'd expect from a web server, and I'd only really trust it on localhost.

It would be *possible* to hook it up behind an nginx or Apache proxy or something but I would certainly not advise doing that :)

Steve's wrote a bit about his work on here: where he implemented the Playdar API on a record label's website for making their music playable, but he implemented that as a PHP app running on a real webserver. Not sure what his intentions are with releasing that code though.

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