Introduction/Questions (Playdar as a collection in Amarok accepted for GSoC)

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Andy Coder

May 24, 2010, 4:03:27 PM5/24/10

My Google Summer of Code project, (implementing a Playdar-based
collection in Amarok), was accepted, and it's time to get to work, so
I think it's about time I greeted the list and asked questions.

At this point, my main interest is the "external binary/script
API" that, as far as I can tell, was mentioned on the website, but
nowhere else, (nowhere persistently available, anyway). We could
certainly use the HTTP API, generating URLs and doing what we'd like
with the results, but my thinking is that this would probably get
messier than a well-implemented control API. Is there any information
about this lying around? Perhaps an ETA so I know if it might be
worth it to use the HTTP API for now and consider switching it out

Also, I've been reading up on Erlang (and exploring Playdar's
code), and would be happy to help out, in general, and especially
where applicable directly to my project, (collection browsing and
such). On that topic, are there contribution/development policies I
should be aware of, (or is it a
go-for-it-and-throw-patches-at-the-github-issues-page sort of

Finally, I've been sitting around IRC (as andycoder), will
continue to do so, and would be happy to hear any
suggestions/concerns/questions from the Playdar community regarding
Amarok's use of Playdar there or by e-mail.

- Andy Coder

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