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Andy Coder

Jul 23, 2010, 12:25:17 AM7/23/10
So, I've got a working Playdar collection in Amarok right now. It's
initially empty, and is populated over time from user queries, the
results of which are cached for browsing until the end of the session.
However, Playdar's search behaviors are a bit counterintuitive for
this sort of thing, in a few cases, and I was curious what folks think
about fixing/implementing these.

1) Album Queries: ( I think this needs fixed )
Of all the use cases which involve searching for more than one
track, I'd think this is the most prominent. Currently, even exact
matches in both fields for queries that specify artist and album, but
not track, never get returned as results.

2) Wildcards: ( Just a thought, not at all critical )
Amarok filters support wildcards at the beginning or end of a
field. It would make things easy to have this happen on Playdar,
though I realize that scoring makes it so that many results matching
wildcards get returned even though the exact filter value was passed.

3) In general, searches with empty Artist/Track fields ( a big one,
but perhaps easier as part of a collection browsing API )
The way results are scored right now, a query missing the
artist or track values will never return any results, (sometimes due
to the broken album queries). Realistically, we probably wouldn't
want to assume an empty field is a wildcard, and score it as 1.0 for
everything, but even treating it as some default value > 0 would be
enough for track="Ziggy Stardust" to find both Bauhaus and David
Bowie, (without loss of generality). That is, if we've got an exact
match for Artist or Track, and the other field's empty, we should
still get a result, (in my opinion).

Anyway, this is a discussion I'd like to start, especially in the
absence of collection browsing matters.

- Andy Coder

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