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Peter Hilton - committer (Lunatech)

Dec 4, 2011, 4:12:23 AM12/4/11
Play is all about making it easier to build web applications, and up until last April’s 1.2 release this was mostly about adding features and usability to make you productive. Since then, Play 1.2.x development has focused on making it easier to use the existing features by fixing bugs and improving the documentation.

This is why I am happy that with lots of help from several community members, including feedback from Disqus comments, we resolved 26 documentation tickets in the 1.2.4 release:

There are now only a handful of tickets tagged ‘documentation’ left, so it would only a take a few pull requests to clear the list! Don't be shy - this is a good way to contribute to the project.

What's next? I would like some community input on how the Play 1.x documentation can be improved in the coming year. Please be as specific as possible.


Dec 4, 2011, 9:29:38 AM12/4/11
The Javadoc needs some attention. A lot of important API's have little or no Javadoc.


Dec 4, 2011, 1:29:35 PM12/4/11
I'd like to see a module tutorial or a collection of best practice documentation for creating modules. There are many modules to look at but it is difficult to figure out how to go about creating one the right way is - structure, demos, tests, documentation. By structure I mean more than that "they are just another play application". More of the how and where to include tests, demonstration of use examples, good module documentation in general. It would be great if play new-module actually created all of that basic structure including the documentation/manual/home.textile boilerplate. Perhaps it could do so as an option.

Should users coming to Play see the built-in modules crud, docviewer, grizzly, secure, and testrunner as examples of how to start making modules? I suspect not individually. As a collection they cover many of the bases but not all. Modules seem like a major area of community contributions that lacks "here is the way to do it right" documentation.

christian sarnataro

Dec 4, 2011, 6:06:50 PM12/4/11
I would like to have also some tutorial or example for writing plugins (currently the only documents I was able to found are the javadocs here ).

And maybe some clarification for nested FastTags (I found somehow difficult to let the child tag to communicate with the parent tag).

Thank you very much. 
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