What is the Best Modern Full Platform Beds To Refresh Your Room?

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Aug 20, 2021, 11:29:34 AM8/20/21
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Best Modern Full Platform Beds To Refresh Your Room

Platform beds are elegant, modish, and complete with contemporary glamour. They are very different from the regular standard beds that use a box spring as the bed base to support a mattress. Modern full size  platform beds are built-in with slats, which work just as well as a box spring.

Platform beds have been in the market for a long time, and more designs are discovered day by day. Most modern platform beds are lower to the ground as compared to standard beds and have distinguishable headboards. Below is a list of contemporary platform beds that will elevate and refresh the look in your room.


Ultra-Modern Curvy White Platform Bed

White is a color you can always count on to give you excellent results. Suppose you wanted to change your bedroom theme to white; an ultra-modern curvy white platform bed would do the job for you. The bed is carefully crafted to bring out elegance and sophistication. This is the kind of bed that will get everyone's attention just by a glance.

It has a curvy, artful design that makes the bed distinctive. If you love to watch television while in bed, you will find the curvy headboard very comfortable. This platform bed is a game-changer that you should try.

Like most platform beds, the Ultra-modern has solid slats installed; hence there is no need to purchase a box spring. This will save you tons of money that you would have used while buying a box spring. However, the platform bed has no storage facility, so it is not recommended for those with minimal space in their rooms. If you aim to save space, you should look for a full size platform bed with storage spaces such as drawers.

Nelson Thin Edge Full-Size Platform Bed

The Nelson thin edge was originally a mid-century bed that was recently redesigned into a modern platform bed. The bed retained most of the features, and only a few changed. The most significant change made to the bed is making larger sizes that were previously not available and replacing spring with solid slats to accommodate the new trends.

The Nelson thin edge is a classic that most people would do anything to acquire due to its contemporary yet vintage design, which is hard to get in one bed. The platform bed is built using solid walnut or white ash frame. Its solid slats are well spaced to allow for air circulation, an essential aspect of maintaining a good mattress.

You can choose to have its legs in either solid wood or stainless steel. The same applies to the headboard, too, which is available with or without a woven cane. nelson thin edge full-size bed has no storage facilities, although you can purchase baskets to place under the bed if need be. 

Adorno full-size Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

Just by looking at this bed, you will conclude that it is a pricey one and worth the price as the design and everything about the bed is out of this world. Adorno full-size platform bed is upholstered with genuine leather, and the primary material used is manufactured wood.

The bed is a perfect example of carefully done artwork, as every part of the bed is flawless. The headboard is tailored and has four clean lines running down. The side rails made with steel are also covered with leather to give out a sophisticated look. Out of all the platform beds ever constructed, the Adorno is the most classy and stylish.

The slats of this bed are made of steel and serve the same purpose as a box spring. Some people believe that metal slats are not as comfortable as wooden ones, but this theory is not correct. In fact, metal slats are much stronger than wood slats, thus supporting the mattress and the weight of bed users without causing strain to the whole bed.

To assemble this bed, you will require assistance from two adults as it can take up a lot of time and energy. Do not fret, though, if you do not know how to assemble the bed as there is a set of instructions that come with the package, and they give you a step-by-step guide on assembling.


Dondra Teak Full Platform Bed

The Dondra platform bed is a unique bed made from mango wood and solid teak. Solid teak is used because it has natural splits and markings that add to the bed's design. The frame surface is then polished to remove the roughness that would injure the bed user. The Dondra platform bed is a good investment for those seeking to find a durable bed.

The materials used make the bed strong and sturdy. The Dondra platform bed is a simple piece that speaks for itself as it depicts a versatile aesthetic. Anyone looking to add charm, elegance, and flair should look no further than the Dondra teak full platform bed. Choosing the right bedding is also crucial as it contributes to how the bed will turn out.

The bed's slats are made of wood and strong enough to support your chosen mattress. You do not have to purchase a box spring with this bed as the slats are there to help the mattress. To clean the bed, use a dry cloth and avoid wetting it at all costs. Unfortunately, this bed has no storage space, but one thing for sure is that it will satisfy all your needs.


Full-size platform beds come in different designs that suit different décor. It is up to you to choose one that suits your needs. Apart from the four modern platform beds mentioned above, plenty of others are available in the market. This is just to give you a hint of the specs and features you should look for in a modern full platform bed. Make sure the bed you take home is of high quality and the best design. If you would like a bed with storage facilities, you can quickly get one from the manufacturers.

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