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ian postuma

Jun 24, 2022, 7:10:18 AM6/24/22
to Plastimatch
Dear All,

I'm having problems compiling plastimatch on Ubuntu 22.05 (not available through apt).
Actually no errors at compile time, but when I execute the binary file I get

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Anyhow I had to force ITK version 4.13.3 (available through apt) to make it compile without apparent errors. The cmake output is:

-- Trying to find DCMTK expecting DCMTKConfig.cmake
-- Trying to find DCMTK expecting DCMTKConfig.cmake - ok
-- DCMTK version 3.6.7 found (1).
-- Etags targets added.
-- Check for compiler OpenMP support...
-- OpenMP flags "-fopenmp", OpenMP libraries ""
-- SSE2_FLAGS "-msse2 -mfpmath=sse"
-- CUDA Version 11.5
-- nvcc-check: NVCC Version is 11.5
-- CUDA Build Level: Build system Compute Capability ONLY!
-- Could NOT find Doxygen (missing: DOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE)
-- Looking for wxWidgets - found.
-- Looking for Matlab - not found.
-- Looking for Octave - not found.
-- Plastimatch version is 1.9.3-37-g77b40bd3
-- ITK_VERSION = 4.13.3 found
-- Looking for C++ include itkVectorCentralDifferenceImageFunction.h
-- Looking for C++ include itkVectorCentralDifferenceImageFunction.h - found
-- ITK_BASE = /usr
-- Looking for Qt4 - not found
-- Looking for Qt5 - not found
-- Machine is 64-bit
-- Checking host processor: x86_64
-- Checking target processor: x86_64
-- Checking epsilon: 2.22045E-16 2.22045E-16 2.22045E-16
-- Checking sign of char: char is signed
-- Trying to find DCMTK expecting DCMTKConfig.cmake
-- Trying to find DCMTK expecting DCMTKConfig.cmake - ok
-- Not appending /usr/local/app/plastimatch/libs/itk-5.1.0
-- Appending /usr/local/app/plastimatch/libs/itk-5.1.2
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /usr/local/app/plastimatch-build

What can I do ? Has anyone managed to install on Ubuntu 22.05 ?

thanks !

Sharp, Gregory C.

Jul 5, 2022, 3:39:40 PM7/5/22
to Plastimatch
Hi Ian,

I just tried it, and it built and ran flawlessly.

There are two things that stick out to me.
- In my Ubuntu, I only seem to have DCMTK 3.6.6. Are you using backports?
- I normally get a bunch of errors about imported targets from gdcm not existing. Did you no get those?


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