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Jun 14, 2023, 7:20:38 AMJun 14
to Plastimatch
Hi Plastimatch users,

I was trying to register a RTSTRUCT mask to another one.
The mask.nii is 3D array containing 0,1 along with the organ contour.
I used demons method like following:

fixed = mask_fx.nii
moving = mask_mv.nii
image_out = out.nii
vf_out = vf_out.nii

xform = vf
optim = demons
impl = plastimatch
demons_std = 3
demons_acceleration = 1
max_its = 500
res = 2 2 1

This code yielded an error "unhandled conversion from PLM_IMG_TYPE_ITK_INT64 to itk_float"

Additionally, I tried to warp a mask.nii using transformation vf. This try also made an same error. How can I deal with this issue?

I'll be happy to any advice.

Sharp, Gregory C.

Jun 14, 2023, 11:14:17 AMJun 14

Hi Seohan,


Looks like one or both of your images is a 64-bit integer.  Probably you don’t need that for a mask.

You can convert it to an unsigned char like this:


plastimatch convert --input mask_fx.nii --output mask_fx_2.nii --output-type uchar


I’ll try to fix this in a future release to do the conversion automatically.




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Jun 15, 2023, 4:33:44 AMJun 15
to Plastimatch
Hi Greg!
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Now it works!!


I leave a solution code for those who probably face this issue I met.
I revised "--output" to "--output-img".

plastimatch convert --input mask_fx.nii --output-img mask_fx_2.nii --output-type uchar

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