Buttock Augmentation: Technical and Postoperative

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Dr Sahil Singla

Mar 11, 2021, 4:12:29 AM3/11/21
to Plastic Surgeon in Delhi

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Over time, the buttocks undergo transformations: sagging, loss of volume, the appearance of “dimples” or an unsightly distribution of fat. To correct these imperfections and give volume to the buttocks effectively, you have to resort to plastic surgery. Dr Sahil Singla, best plastic surgeon in Delhi, use the most innovative buttock augmentation technique with the patient’s own fat.

Buttock augmentation technique with the patient’s own fat.

To carry out the buttock augmentation, Dr Singla performs a liposuction tailored to the silhouette, called lipofilling. A job with which excess body fat is extracted from the back, the love handles, the flanks, the holsters or the abdomen and is transferred to the gluteal area that needs to modify the volume or contour. At present, this technique is also used to restore the quality of some damaged tissues, since this adipose structure is a rich source of stem cells, with important repairing and regenerative effects on the transferred area. This is very useful for those who have scars or who have undergone radiation therapy.

Advantages of buttock augmentation with the fat of the patient:

With the buttock augmentation technique that plastic surgeon in Panipat uses, also called a Brazilian lift, excellent and immediate results are achieved. In addition, it has the following complementary advantages:

  • Scarring is minimal because fine suction cannulas are used.
  • The fatty grafts are gradually deposited in the recipient area until the desired volume is obtained.
  • There is no risk of rejection of prostheses because they are not used.

Buttock augmentation technique step by step.

Buttock augmentation with the patient’s own fat is a liposculpture that is tailored to the silhouette of the person, so it requires a prior study of the figure of each individual. Only in this way is it known where the filling should be done to round and improve the appearance of the buttocks. In addition, before the buttock augmentation operation, an in-depth medical examination of the patient’s state of health is carried out, verifying that their health allows the intervention in complete safety.

During the buttock augmentation procedure, the following steps are followed:

  1. The patient is prepared by providing general anaesthesia, as the procedure is a meticulous and time-consuming process, and this option offers greater safety for all.
  2. Excess body fat is removed from the back, love handles, holsters or abdomen of the person undergoing the intervention.
  3. The extracted fat is centrifuged, purified, and prepared, leaving it ready for transfer.
  4. The fat itself is transferred to the buttocks by means of an injection with microcannulas in strategic points of the same, thus achieving volume and relief in this area of ​​the body.
  5. Dressings are placed on the transferred area that the patient must maintain until the next cure, usually about a week.
  6. A postoperative garment is placed on the areas that were used to remove the fat.

Smokers must give up the habit several weeks before the intervention and prolong it to promote healing.

You should not smoke before, during, or after buttock augmentation, as tobacco hinders oxygenation and the arrival of nutrients to the skin in the operated area, slowing down tissue regeneration and, therefore, healing.

Buttock augmentation: Hospital and medical team.

Best plastic surgeon in Panipat wants maximum safety and quality for his patients. For this reason, it has a professional medical team and the guarantee of operating in one of the most advanced and prestigious hospitals in Delhi, Panipat & Karnal. The hospital has innovative technology, comprehensive health care and exquisite patient care.

Buttock augmentation with natural aesthetic results.

The end result is an increase in volume and a lifting effect of the gluteal area, as well as the appearance of a sculpted and fat-free figure.

Keep in mind that the scars that a buttock augmentation with body fat leaves on the person’s body are minimal. This is because the size of the incisions is too small.

The results of this type of intervention are visible one month after the intervention. A minimum time to show off a splendid figure.

Postoperative and recovery of buttock augmentation.

The postoperative period and the recovery from a gluteal augmentation procedure is simple. In addition, just 24 hours after being operated on, the patient can return home without major problem as long as he follows the advice of best plastic surgeon in Karnal.

General Postoperative Recommendations

For the postoperative period and the recovery of the person who has undergone a buttock augmentation operation to be satisfactory, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • A postoperative garment must be worn for a month after the intervention.
  • Keep the dressings until the next cure, generally one week after the intervention.
  • Follow the instructions on antibiotic treatment and medication to be taken to avoid postoperative discomfort.
  • Go to the appointment for the next cure in consultation.


The results of this type of intervention are quickly visible. In fact, they can be seen a month after the intervention. After this time, we can show off a splendid, natural, and proportionate figure in any situation.

Since the discomfort is minimal, 24 hours after the surgery, we can begin to move with increasing difficulty.

It is important to avoid support in the area where the fat has been grafted as it could be reabsorbed more than usual if the area is under pressure.

Two weeks after the surgery, you can return to work and, after a month, lead a normal life, including sports activities.

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