News That Matters - Sunday, June 30, 2013 - Save the Rail Trail Edition

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Jeff Green

Jun 30, 2013, 7:18:28 AM6/30/13
to PlanPutnam

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Good Sunday morning.

Keep our Rail Trail Free of Advertising. Sign Deborah Ramsey's petition then forward this post to your contacts. We can win this only if *you* take action!

These people - and hundreds more - have all spoken out in public so that their voices will be heard. You can join them.

Here's More Reasons for signing on:

Suzanna Courney MAHOPAC, NY
I am signing because I want to preserve the natural landscape of our town...I run all the time to escape the noise and enjoy the beauty of nature .I DO NOT WANT SIGNS to cover what we want to enjoy most and that's Gods nature.

Thomas Courtien CARMEL, NY
Keep the viewscape as clean as possible.

Suzanne geiger SHENOROCK, NY
Don't spoil the beautiful scenery with advertising. Also, for bikers, it would be a hazard for them to be distracted by signs instead of watching for other bikers, pedestrians, runners, dogs, etc.

The trailway is a serene place where you can leave everything behind. We want it to be a scenic place not a commercial space.

It's the bike path now what's next we ride bike path to get away from from all of that

Abigail Meisel NYC, NY
The trailway is for people, not profit.

Megan Machulski KENT LAKES, NY
We are bombarded with enough commercialism every day... the trails should remain the one place we can take our families to enjoy NATURE.. the way it is meant to be.

Edward Nugent CARMEL, NY
I use the bike paths frequently and the thought of littering the trails with ads is repulsive. Contact Dutchess County and see how they manage their great trails without any ads. Theuy put Putnam to shame.

Gayle Watkins COLD SPRING, NY
This is where we need to be able to get away from our commercial lives and enjoy the beautiful world around us.

Barbara Perkins COLD SPRING, NY
Our paths are for quiet meditative walks..period

Thomas de Villiers BEACON, NY
As a former resident of Kent, I often use the trailway with my friends who live in Putnam County.

Nick Hopper MAHOPAC, NY
PLEASE check out this link!

Marian Leonard MAHOPAC, NY
When we moved here in 1980 it was the rural feel that attracted us. Route 6 has become an overcrowded commercialized nightmare and the Putnam Trailway is one of the few oasis's for residents that retains the feel of getting away from it all. Please do not allow commercial signs along the Trailway.

Joseph Lambert BREWSTER, NY
Advertising is unnecessary, trying to use safety as the issue to push advertisement signs on our trails is so transparent. Have bike patrollers ride the rails, like the HELP trucks on 684

Bill Doll CARMEL, NY
If people are paying attention to advertisement then their not paying attention to children playing on the trail.

Marie Davis-Williams CARMEL, NY
Judging by the type of development that passes muster in this county I don't trust that enough forward thinking or care will be taken with displays of commercial signage on the bike path.

Tom Maxson KENT, NY
I don't believe the trailway should be commercialized. I believe there are other ways of raising funds for its maintenance.

Wayne Pearson BREWSTER, NY
We do not have to commercialize everything. Some things are best left as they are. ENOUGH!

Mario Riccobon CARMEL, NY
While I understand the county's need for generating revenue, it should not come at the cost of destroying more of the bucolic flavor and rural sensibility that brought most of us to Putnam County in the first place. If we're having budget problems, then perhaps the savings should come from reducing the amount of pensionable government jobs or higher taxes/reduced pensions on double-dipping politicians.

Howard Kilik MAHOPAC, NY
We have strict rules about lawn signs and ads on houses to protect the quality of life. Why would public property be exempt from restrictions on commercialism?

Kathleen and Jan Hoekstra PUTNAM VALLEY, NY
There is increasingly less and less pristine in Putnam County. Why tarnish a refuge like this where people can refresh their bodies and spirits.

John Buonarobo BREWSTER, NY
Leave nature alone.. let us walk the path in peace, leave the outside world to the subways.

Ray Mainiero CARMEL, NY
Because I use this trail on a regular bases with my grandchildren and I don't want its natural beauty destroyed.

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