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Jeff Green

Jun 16, 2015, 4:08:51 PM6/16/15
to PlanPutnam

The word is apparently out. Even though the event was posted as "private" I'm getting queries about it from all kinds of places. I had no idea I was so, um, popular? I'd say, "unique" but I suppose that depends on whom you ask. So here are the details:

Saturday, July 27th 6PM to 10PM
145 Miller Hill Road
Kent Cliffs, NY

Look for the sign at the Driveway. (if I remember)
Ignore the DEP NO TRESPASSING signs
Park in the field
(Ride high on the driveway or you will certainly bottom out)


Letting go of the things we should have let go of a long time ago.

It's a cathartic experience. A fire is set in a protected ring. Into the fire we place the things we need to let go of. What you place in the fire is private and yours alone. Then we watch the fire consume our past - sometimes with sadness and  sometimes with joy. As the smoke rises it takes with it the emotions we've locked away and need to set free. And when the act is done you are freer than you were as that part of your life is now complete.
  • Old love letters.
  • Tax forms from 1989.
  • The marriage certificate from your first and second marriages.
  • The divorce papers from your first and second divorces.
  • Your high school transcripts.
  • The poetry you wrote in Junior High school.
  • The birthday card you received from your favorite aunt thirty years ago.
  • The apology letter you wrote but never sent.
  • Something you've stolen.
  • The registered letter you got from the IRS, the one you never opened.
  • That tape you made with your second girlfriend in 1992. (yeah, that one!)
  • Old job rejection letters.
  • Losing lottery tickets.
  • Unpaid parking tickets.
  • Your fingerprints.
  • That Bukowksi book your first love gave you.
  • The pile of threatening letters from bill collectors.
  • All that refrigerator "art" your second cousin's kids made.
  • The empty album covers you have but can't find the records for.

It's not a 'party'. Casual. No drama. Low Key. Easy. BYOB if you care. (Any leftover alcohol remains here.)

There will be books for the taking and free CD's for everyone!

No RSVP's or regrets needed. I'm burning anyway.

Rain cancels - but check here first. (I'll still burn my crap in the rain. I'm not afraid to get wet but you might be.)


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