Racists Rear Their Ugly Heads in Putnam Again

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Jeff Green

Jun 3, 2007, 11:30:22 PM6/3/07
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The Brown Shirts from the "I learned it from Ball" camp are at it again. This time it comes from a candidate for the County Legislature's 5th District who has on the front page of his campaign website this little tidbit:
"Losing our culture and heritage: The Illegal Alien Invasion"...
...followed by a collage of hateful, racist images.

On his "Issues page" Immigration is the FIRST issue discussed, not taxes or open space or assisting local businesses or health care or property taxes or government accountability or parks and recreation.  At the bottom of the page, once again, he takes on the issue of immigration with scandalous headlines not even Rupert Murdoch would use:
  • Illegal Aliens commit murder in Brewster
  • Illegal Aliens commit assault & burglary
  • Mexican gangs commit murder in Yonkers
  • Illegal Alien Boot Camp: Teaching Illegal's how to invade the United States 
At least the Third Reich's propaganda minster had a little more tact (and better grammar).

If you remember back just a few weeks ago, Republican Assemblyman Greg Ball was going to be the lead speaker at a white supremacist rally in Danbury whose organizing committee's web page read mysteriously and sadly like this one. It was *your* actions that forced him to back down which was a victory for all that is right with this community.

The misinformation contained in the copy on the website is astonishing in its one-sided shortsightedness and includes a link to an outside website where, if Mexicans were Jews, would read, "Die Juden sind ünser unglück". No matter that the Comptroller of the State of Texas, among others of equal high position across the nation claim that undocumented workers contribute more to the system in taxes than they use, and that recent immigrants - legal and illegal - have *created* tens of thousands of new jobs, this linked website continues the same lies, mistruths and.... shit. It's just pure White Supremacist shit.

Along with all the hate-filled bunk on the candidate's page are links back to community websites like carmelresident.org and stoppattersoncrossing.org whom, I would hope, would have those links removed before people think they endorse this claptrap and this candidate.

I have a really bad feeling about all this. I have a feeling it's going to get messy and ugly and possibly violent and criminal - for the forces of hate will stop at nothing to spread their vicious disease and I urge Republican voters in this district to remember this come primary day. When the tally is completed the whole world will know whether they stand for what's right - or for what's wrong and hateful.

To think this is happening and continues to escalate(!) in Putnam County should disgust each and every one of you. I urge you all to fight this in every possible way you can: In the streets, in the media (for whatever use that would be,) in your homes and in your churches and synagogues, in your places of business. If you remain silent, if you do nothing, if you do not absolutely wipe the rising tide of hatred from this county, I fear "White Supremacists" will be the bywords by which people will know Putnam County in the future.


"Quick! Before they pave it!"
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