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Jeff Green

Sep 21, 2014, 2:45:18 PM9/21/14
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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Yeah, the rumors are true - I am running to represent the 3rd District on the Putnam County Legislature. This district encompasses most of the Town of Kent and the 6th Election District of the Town of Patterson.

Everywhere I go in the district I hear voters tell me that they're fed up with the way things are and not just in county government but inside the leading political party as well. The public is ready for change.

For more than a decade and a half, I have been at the forefront of the movement for open government, property tax reform, environmental stewardship and sustainable development for Putnam County. Whether it was fighting to ensure that small businesses could afford to do business here, working as a member of the Town of Kent’s Stormwater Management Committee, serving on the County’s Energy Committee, working with the Smart Growth Alliance or providing technical assistance to our Cultural Center, I have often taken the lead or worked progressively with others to make Putnam County a community which we can both enjoy and afford to live in.

As a County Legislator I will continue to fight against the hidden taxes the County loves to invent and for a fair and equitable method of paying for education so that homeowners will no longer be crushed by their property tax burdens. I will encourage the county to share its sales tax collection with our towns or to repeal the 1% sales tax surcharge. I will focus on developing a sustainable business model for the county and for low impact commercial development and green tourism which will take advantage of the tens of thousands of acres of open space lands which grace our county and will not unnecessarily add to the cost of infrastructure and maintenance.

But most importantly, I will continue to fight to open county government so that it addresses our needs and to put an end to the expensive cronyism and nepotism that has been business as usual for way too long.

This race isn't about our current Legislator - it's about using learned experience to help Putnam County move away from a small circle of powerful insiders and to a more congenial arrangement where wants are left behind and needs become our focus:
  • To a time when one-party politics no longer runs the government, but when the people who live here do - as it's supposed to be.
  • To a time where government will agree, not to come to compromise through argument where everyone loses something, but to agreeably arrive at a consensus where everyone's needs are met. 
  • To a time when we feel it more important to create supportive programs rather than to enact regressive laws. 
  • And especially to a time when this county and state actually do support small businesses, the backbone of our local economy, rather than do their best to run us out of business through high fees, county-mandated costs and taxes - - - that other businesses do not have to pay.
It's possible, ya know? But it cannot be done unless you help.

Though my opponents are well funded and have the backing of several powerful and long-established political machines, I believe a truly democratic grassroots effort can reach voters just as effectively and your donations to this effort can be sent to:

Jeff Green
145 Miller Hill Road
Kent Cliffs, NY 10512

Make your checks to: The Patterson Democratic Committee and write Jeff Green in the note field.

This year, help elect someone with a proven, successful record as a hard worker – and fighter – for our community.

Volunteer opportunities abound! Don't be shy because without your help we cannot succeed in bringing democracy back to Putnam County.

This year, elect Jeff Green to the Putnam County Legislature.

Many thanks and most sincerely,



Follow the campaign at:

Come election day you'll find my name on the GREEN, DEMOCRATIC and WFP party lines.

Spread the good word!

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