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Priestess Kandi Ranson

Aug 10, 2015, 11:43:47 AM8/10/15
to PlanetStarz
Here are the highlights from last week's StarZ Psychics Blog Click The Titles to view more

First Pocket Computer – The Astrolabe - First Pocket Computer – The Astrolabe………..Yes, there were computers long before Intel® and Dell® came on the scene.  They were ingeniously invented long before anyone even used the word “computer.” 

Angel Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Strength Angel Cards………..”I am strong enough to handle anything that comes my way.

Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial - Astro Forecast…….Wow, there’s a lot of astrological activity this week!  These events could be considered significant, especially if you’re a Virgo!

Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - “Overthinking; the Spiritual quandary of postponement”  

It’s In the Cards by StarzAeneas -  It’s In The Cards………Surrounding Energies : Page of Swords. Be prepared this week to receive...

Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - “Cinderella, the Princess and other fairy tales”  

August’s Birth Flowers - August’s birth flower…….. is gladiolus, or ‘sword lily,’ flower of the Gladiators

MOM at NASA - Women make up approximately 25 percent of the New Horizons flyby team

Angel Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Opportunity Angel Cards………”Doors to new opportunities are opening up to me in every moment.

Sharing the Vision by StarzMayaMoon - “The Power of Words”  

Angel Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Learning Angel Cards……..“I choose to learn from my experiences and always take away a gift or little insight to further my understanding.

Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - “Emancipation from Expectation”

Featured Reader at Starz Psychics - Meet Starz Sedona, helping people with their soul’s purpose.

Nagasaki & the “Bock’s Car” - “Bockscar” upon delivery to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, in 1961.

Angel Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Transformation Angel Cards……….”I welcome this personal transformation with open arms and an open heart.”

Featured Reader at StarzPsychics - Meet Starz World of Tarot, a natural born and talented reader

Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - “Following your heart versus acquiring logical choices” 

And Today Starts a New Week so be sure to read today's entries too! Enjoy the enlightenment. Like what you see? SHARE IT! I'm sure your friends will like it too. 

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