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Priestess Kandi Ranson

May 24, 2014, 10:10:00 AM5/24/14
FEATURED #Psychic ToDaY IS Starz Garrett on Starz Psychics

Soft-thinking male psychic who uses NO TOOLS at all!


Are you looking for a soft-spoken, kind-hearted male psychic perspective on your burning relationship questions? Are you confused about where to go next with him/her? Is this a new budding relationship and you are not sure how he /she feels about you? Has he/she been distancing from you of late and you are not sure why? Or perhaps you need validation on your feelings before you make that big decision, whether it is a committed relationship, marriage, separation, divorce, or something else. I advise and comfort you and help meet your spiritual needs as your spiritual counselor.


In a typical reading, I touch on your past, examine the present, and peer into your future. All examination is done with very little (if any) input from you. I only ask for a few bits of information to help me focus in on your energies and vibrations. My readings are interactive and I encourage questions and validations. My psychic and clairvoyant abilities aid me in reading energies and vibrations for people on their love potential, relationships with others, as well as more personal things such as career, finance, and health. I have a keen sense of intuition, spirit reception, spirit guides that help me decipher your energies and motivations, and angels to assist me in spiritual support. I see images of people and sometimes pick up letters or even full names. I offer timelines. I also perform dream interpretations to help you decipher what spirit messages you are receiving while you sleep.


I realized I had these abilities about 11 years ago when I met an ex who was also psychic and very intuitive. Before that, various personal issues blocked all that ability to feel the energies and vibrations needed to perform psychic readings. Having this gift is real uplifting for any reader; I enjoy this work, especially when I know I have made a strong connection with my client, and the client picks up on that. We both come away from a reading really satisfied of its success!

Since I discovered these gifts, I started reading professionally pretty much from the start. I am a relaxing person to chat with; many clients contact me again when they experience the positive therapeutic effects and spiritual lift they receive after a reading. So go ahead and try me and we'll see what happens!

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