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MI5-Persecution: MI5 Have Systematically Destroyed My Life (32142)

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Dec 16, 2007, 1:13:06 PM12/16/07

MI5 Have Systematically Destroyed My Life

This is getting depressing. From the feedback Ive received, the recipients
of these faxes are tired of hearing my complaints, and in truth I am tired
of sending them. The reason I havent yet ceased sending faxes is because I
cannot think of any other effective means of replying to MI5s actions
against me, and I feel I have to do something to try to defend
myself. Three/four years ago I got the MI5 harassment out of my system by
posting about it on Internet newsgroups, and for a few months this tactic
was quite effective - I received (and indeed still do today) support from
newsgroup regulars, and felt I could make my voice heard and break the MI5
monopoly on access to the British media. But that was years ago, and today
nobody gives a tinkers cuss about my internet posts - so I have sought to
escalate matters by communicating directly with the politicians who
allegedly say how this country is supposed to be run.

Of course, its quite expensive to keep up a campaign of fax messages for
many weeks. Each set of faxes takes approx 50 hours to send over the
weekend, and costs perhaps 35. My phone bill for the last quarter was
350. These figures are naturally insignificant compared to what MI5 have
been spending against me over a similar period. It also takes a lot of
time and energy to create a new article every week, and try and find new
and fresh aspects and viewpoints on MI5s persecution of me. I am beginning
to run out of both new topics and energy to write these articles.

So I have a suggestion to put before the MI5 persecutors who have been
wrecking my life since 1990. In a few days time I will be going on holiday
to Poland and Germany, for a couple of weeks. Previously, almost every
time I have travelled by plane, or gone anywhere on holiday, the MI5
"wreckers" have been most assiduous in destroying these trips. My
suggestion is; if MI5 leave me alone on this next trip, I will cease
transmitting these articles. If, however, there are any clear instances of
harassment (and I am very capable of recognising MI5 harassment when I see
it), then I will make public these instances and publish any recordings I
may make of them, and, unwillingly and unhappily, continue the articles.

Read about the MI5 Persecution on the Web

Keith Hill MP (Labour - Streatham), my elected representative, as ever
refuses to help.

MI5 Refuse to Allow me to have a Normal Life

Its kind of difficult to contemplate having a normal existence when you
know your entire house is bugged from top to bottom, for audio and, very
unpleasantly, video; when your employment is systematically destroyed,
over and over again; when every time you leave the country your travel is
disrupted by MI5 plants on the plane yelling abuse at you..... you get the
idea. I would like to have some semblance of a normal life, like my Polish
and English friends do. But MI5 have made this impossible, and they have
leached massive resources from the taxpayer to institute a life not worthy
of the name on me.

A few years ago MI5 were very open about their aims in persecuting
me. They were shouting "suicide" at me, both in Canada where I lived at
the time, and during my occasional visits to London. You cant get much
clearer than that. There have been instances as recently as a few weeks
ago of this intention being voiced by their side; on 15 April 1999, a
woman at the next ticket counter at the Royal Festival Hall said;

"it would kill it, you know, it would just be overkill... they can't stop
can they"

meaning that "they" were trying to "kill it" i.e. me and they "cant
stop". The audio file is at;

I wonder why they "cant stop". Nobody (who doesnt know already) believes
my claims - so what difference would it make, if they were to
"stop" persecuting me? Perhaps what this persons remarks indicates, is the
depth of the obsession MI5 have with this case. They have chosen at random
a person from the general population, and done their worst to ruin my
life. What is wrong with these people, that they persecute a national of
the country whose citizens they are supposed to protect?

No Chance of a Harassment-Free Job

Since the harassment started in 1990 I have had three jobs, the first near
Guildford, the second in Oxford, and the third overseas in Canada. All
three jobs have been systematically destroyed by MI5. It is so ironic that
MI5 employs a team of agents, each well compensated for their efforts, to
persecute just one person paid a mere fraction of what they get for their
"work". In fact, it is a joke that MI5 is allocated resources for this
sort of effort. If this area of government were run along commercial lines
then MI5 would be very rapidly closed down, they produce nothing of any
value, instead spending their time obsessed with the bugging and
surveillance of their former employees like Shayler, dangerous subversives
like Straw and Mandelson, and "threats to national security" like yours

Applying for my first post university job

When I was applying for my first post-university job in the closing months
of 1990, I found at two or three job interviews that MI5 had got there
ahead of me. Interviewers knew what words to repeat from what had been
said at my home recently; MI5 had supplied them with words to hurt me, and
the "British secret police" were trying to wreck my job search and
discourage me from joining the world of work. This and the continuing
harassment in the media and by the public meant that the search for a job
took very much longer than it would ordinarily be expected to take for a
person with my qualifications.

With my first job near Guildford came the knowledge that MI5 were doing
everything possible to make me lose the job. Despite their efforts I
managed to stay in work for ten unhappy months, during which they made
very clear to me that they were bugging my workplace, my accomodation in
Woking, my car, my home..... and they also made clear that they had "got
to" my employer in Guildford.

Employment with Oxford

I was able to find a new job, with Oxford Computer Training Services (now
ARIS/Oxford), quite quickly. But it became very clear, very quickly, that
MI5 were treating this job the same as the first; they tried to get the
other employees and in particular the managers to attack me. It was
plainly MI5s intention that I be sacked fro this job. But I was not
sacked; instead, after almost a year of abuse from OCTS managers, I was
forced to seek medical help, and had to take two months off for medical
leave. OCTS MD Hugh Simpson-Wells was motivated in keeping me on by the
fear that if he sacked me, then I would take him to court for the
treatment OCTS managers had meted out to me during 1992.

Emigration to Canada

When I emigrated to Canada in 1994, I did think that perhaps MI5 would
leave me alone, given that I had made the effort to leave the UK and try
to find a new life overseas. I could not see any reason why they would
continue to harass me over in Canada. But clearly the MI5 agents had their
salaries to think about, since continue to harass me they most certainly
did, at my home in Ottawa, and by getting fellow employees to speak
against me, as had happened with previous jobs in the UK.

MI5 are denying me a future in work

Former Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall John Alderson had this to say
regarding MI5's activities;

"MI5 is not under the same restraints as the police. They infiltrate
organisations, people's jobs and lives. They operate almost like a

Currently I am on disability, and I can see that MI5 are denying me a
future in work. It would be an insult to logic for me to return to work
and find a job, in the knowledge that an entire team of MI5 agents, paid
in total many times what I would be earning, would have the objective of
seeing me "done down" in the employment, and ejected from the place of
work. This situation is completely wrong and nonsensical - I would very
much like to have a job, but MI5 are preventing me from even thinking
about returning to work. The culture of secrecy in MI5/MI6 means there is
no objective oversight of their expenditure, when external oversight and
greater transparency might lead to wasteful and illogical operations such
as that against me being shelved.

Watched and Harassed at my Home and Accommodation

As you will know if you have been reading these articles, MI5 have watched
and harassed me at my home, and at every accommodation Ive had since
1990. Theyve also watched me at neighbours houses in London, and at
short-term accommodation such as hotels and bed-and-breakfasts. They have
used the "words" gained from these watching activities against me, by
passing these words on to other people such as OCTS managers for them to
make clear that I am being watched where I live.

Harassed at rented rooms in Oxford in 1992

This was at its worst in 1992 in Oxford, where during the week I lived at
rented accommodation in Oxford, and at weekends returned to my parents
home in London. I was being severely harassed by managers at my place of
work, OCTS; and it was clear from the things they said that they were
being supplied by MI5 with details of my home life, that they were being
supplied with words to repeat at me.

In 1992 I moved house in Oxford many times, living at a total of five
rented accommodations in ten months. In January I started off living in a
rented room at Headington near the ring road / A40 intersection; then when
it became clear that house was being bugged, moved to a rented room in
Botley, some miles away. It was at the house in Botley that I had an
"interactive watching" experience with Martyn Lewis while he was reading
the news; I threw a term of abuse at him; he first flinched, then gave a
gsult of what I had just said, he was no longer "on my side".

So I moved house again. This time to a place in Cowley, near the Rover car
works, where I stayed for a few weeks. Because of continuing harassment at
work, I soon moved from this accommodation, to yet another rented room on
Iffley Road. By this time I was very ill and being abused continuously at
work. Again, MI5 followed me to the rented room on Iffley Road, and
created new instances of "newscaster watching". There was a television in
the room which I watched, and as you can guess the newscasters got at me
when I was watching the television. Also once I was assaulted, if thats
the word for what happened, on leaving the house; a youth grabbed me by
the coat lapels, roughed me up a bit with various terms of abuse. I did
not report this assault to the police, because what was happening to me at
work was very much worse, and nobody seemed to think that that was worthy
of being reported to the police. Later that day at work, Alex G, a fellow
employee, said "I heard he was assaulted".... I had not told anyone at
work about the incident that morning..... so once again it was made very
clear that MI5 were watching my rented accommodation and giving
information about what was going on there to managers at work.

So I moved house yet again in late autumn 1992, this time to a rented room
in a large house on Woodstock Road. I stayed there for several weeks as
the situation at work deteriorated due to OCTS managers abuse, until I was
forced to take sick leave from work for two months and attend hospital as
an outpatient; at which point I gave notice on the room, and returned to

MI5 continued to harass me after the diagnosis of serious illness was
made. As reported previously, they harassed me on a flight to Spain in
December 1992; and in 1993, when I returned to live and work in Oxford,
they again bugged my rooms, as well as my workplace, although the
intensity of the harassment was very much less than in 1992.

Watched, followed and harassed in Canada

It dismayed me to find that MI5 would not leave me alone after I had
settled in Canada. In January 1995 I rented an apartment at the Bayshore
complex in Ottawas west end. For some weeks there was no sign of the
"buggers". But then it started all over again. They first bugged my car,
which had a car alarm installed - the alarm went off two or three times in
a single evening, and the following day gave a signal that the car had
been broken into. Then they bugged my apartment, and in particular they
installed bugs on the phone line in my apartment.

In September 1995 I moved to a new apartment in Ottawas Bytown Market
area, the restaurant and entertainment heart of Canadas capital. This
proved a serious mistake. In the west end I had been fairly distant from
the centre of town where MI5 concentrated their efforts at turning people
against me. In the Market area it was much easier for the persecutors to
motivate people to harass me, and over the next couple of years there were
frequent instances of harassment by the general public.

From 1995 I had some Polish friends in Ottawa, and as the reader can
guess, MI5 have spent much effort trying to break up this friendship. They
supplied various things about my home life to these friends, for example
where I was living in the Market, directly over the road were the studios
of a music radio station, which you had to "look up" to see; and MI5 told
these friends that I was "looking up" to see the radio station; so the
friends then replayed these words back to me, that I was "looking up". MI5
have also made various sexual slanders against me, and these friends also
unwittingly replayed some of the words they had been imprinted with by the
MI5 persecutors.

MI5 Will Never Allow Me to have a Normal Life

I have heard many excuses as to why MI5 continuously prevent me from
having a normal life. We are told that MI5 are defending the country
against a tere to zero.

When I have travelled abroad, they always put their people on the flights,
on the journeys I undertake, to continue the harassment, so that I am put
off further overseas travel, and chained to my home in London. Yet even
this is illogical, because when I lived in Canada, they would still put
people on flights back to the UK.... and what possible reason would they
have for doing that? Perhaps the truest words to describe the MI5
persecution is that reason has nothing to do with their activities - sane
people do not behave in the way the MI5 British Secret Police have been

Summer 1999 - more MI5 harassment?

In only a few days time I will be going to Europe again. This time I have
deliberately chosen to travel by a non-UK airline; so we will see if they
put their paid agents on this foreign carrier, we will see if they try to
harass me on this non-British flight.

If they do harass me on this trip to Europe, or if they resume the
harassment in London after I return home, then I will continue to report
their activities in these faxes. As I said at the beginning of this
article, I would very much like to not have to send these articles any
more, but that is not my decision to make - it is entirely up to MI5 to
cease their pointless persecution of me, once and for all.


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