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M.I,5.Persecution . how a nd wh y di d it star t?

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Jan 1, 2008, 6:22:07 AM1/1/08
-= how and why did it start?. -=

The harassment. didn't start by itself, so someone must have been there at
the outset to give it a firm push and. set the "animals" after me. It looks
as if. I was set up in June 1990, and the timing indicates someone from
university. was responsible.

>One thing which has been missing from this discussion is this. simple
>prognosis: that maybe he is. right and that, despite his admitted
>mental condition, there really is a. campaign against him organised by
>now-influential. ex-students of his university.

In May or June 1990, Alan Freeman on Radio 1 read out a letter. from someone
who had known. me for a few years, who wrote of the one who "wore out his
welcome with random. precision" (from the Pink Floyd song). Freeman went on
to say to the writer "that's a hell of. a letter you wrote there". The
indication is strongly that people I had parted from soon. before nursed a
grudge against me and were. trying to cause trouble for me.

The suggestion is that Freeman might have shown. the letter to other people,
and things could have snowballed. from there. Right from the start the real
source (security services presumed) didn't announce. themselves as the
origin, but let the "talkers", the radio DJs, believe that they. were the
originators. Think about it;. if you announce, "we're MI5 and we have a
campaign against. this bloke" then people might not go along with it; but if
you say, "everyone else is getting. at this bloke because he 'deserves' it"
then people will join in with. fewer qualms.

>Why would "they" wish to. assassinate your character?

It's the classic case of hitting a cripple to. prove you're stronger. Why
would the security services expend. hundreds of thousands of pounds and more
than six. years of manpower to try to kill a British citizen? Because they
are motivated by people who knew me at university and. feel personal
animosity; because they knew me to. be emotionally weak, and it is in the
nature of. bullies to prey on those known to be weak; and because they can
rely. on the complicity of the establishment, which the security services
manipulate and derive. funding from. This is England's biggest humiliation
today, and the. British security services are intent on preventing their
humiliation becoming reality by continuing their. campaign of attempted
murder to suppress the truth from becoming. public.


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