DICOM SR Validator - request for update: gap in order/significance check

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Peter Chripunow

Jun 30, 2021, 4:11:46 AM6/30/21
to pixelmed_dicom
I've been running the DICOM SR Validator on a Mammo CAD SR, TID 4000, with option "-checkcontentitemorder".
I can share a sample SR object in a private message.

It seems that the order is not checked as significant for TID 4020 "Mammo CAD Image Library" as I don't get any errors for my SR object where the items for Vertical and Horizontal Pixel Spacing are interchanged.

I could imagine that the rule for the Mammo CAD Image Library has been derived/copied from TID 1600 "Image Library" which indeed has a non-significant order.

I therefore would like to encourage an update of the DICOM SR Validator to account for such overloaded Relationship contraints.

I've been using build <Thu Jun 10 06:10:25 EDT 2021>

Thanks in advance & best regards,

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