[ANN] gradle-pitest-plugin 1.7.4 available

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Marcin Zajączkowski

Mar 13, 2022, 1:11:43 PM3/13/22
to pitu...@googlegroups.com
Hello everyone,

gradle-pitest-plugin 1.7.4 has been released.

- Do not pass --testPlugin for PIT 1.6.7+ for forward compatibility - #277
- Deprecate testPlugin configuration parameter (not needed in PIT
1.6.7+, to be removed in PIT 1.8.0) - #277
- PIT 1.7.4 by default
- Upgrade Gradle wrapper to 6.9.2
- Test for exclusion of certain mutators - #303 - PR by Narendra Pathai

Compatibility notes:
1. The testPlugin configuration parameter is deprecated and should not
be used. In fact, starting with 1.6.7 it is no longer used (it is enough
to add the PIT plugin as a buildscript dependency or just set
junit5PluginVersion to use the JUnit 5 plugin). In addition, that
property is planned to be removed in PIT 1.8.0.
2. Using junit5PluginVersion no longer internally set testPlugin
property. For using with old PIT (<1.6.7) it is required to set it
explicitly in configuration.

The artifacts are available in The Central Repository (aka Maven

More information is available on the project web page:


https://blog.solidsoft.pl/ - Working code is not enough
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