pitest-ant-example & junit-4.11+ [Line Coverage @ 0%]

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Jul 26, 2022, 11:15:20 AM7/26/22
to PIT Users

I am not very familiar with posting like this, my apologies ahead of time for anything wrong - heh.
Further apologies if this has already been brought up; I feel I have looked extensively, however was not able to find any existing references - Please point me in the right direction if this has already been addressed.

While trying to incorporate PITest to an existing code-base using ant and junit-4.13.2, I found this issue(?) that is easily reproduced with the pitest-ant-example.
I have not found a solution yet, and would greatly appreciate any input to move forward.
["Hopefully" it is just something silly I have simply missed, and an easy fix]

Expected: PITest report with coverage above 0%.
Actual: PITest report with 0% coverage

Steps to reproduce:
- Move: junit-4.13.2.jar to lib/junit.4.13.2.jar
- Edit: build.xml @ L41 : junit-4.9.jar -> junit.4.13.2.jar
- Run: ant pit
- Load index.html and observe Line Coverage at 0%

* Running the example out of the box without modification, reports Line Coverage at 84%
* Using junit.4.10 in the example project, also reports Line Coverage at 84%
* Using junit 4.11, 4.12, 4.13.2 in the example project, all report 0% as noted above
* Modifying build.xml @ L9-11 to use PITest 1.9.3 jars downloaded from Maven Central produces the same results as noted above for various junit versions. [eg: Does not appear to resolve the issue]
* Using the junit-4.9.jar from the example with our existing code-base, junit/jacoco report is Green however PITest fails with the requires-Green error.
* Using junit-4.10.jar from Maven Central with our existing code-base, junit/jacoco report is Green however PITest fails with the requires-Green error. [Same as above]
* Using junit-4.11, 4.12, or 4.13.2 with our existing code-base, junit/jacoco report Green and PITest completes successfully, however as noted above is reporting 0% Line Coverage.
* Notably, with 4.11 - 4.13.2, PITest report often includes the FooTest files in the report as if they were source-files not test-files.
* While not sure if relevant, ant is 1.10.11 just for reference.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide.

If anyone has any advice on how to proceed, I would be very appreciative for any input.

Thank you,

Henry Coles

Jul 26, 2022, 11:50:32 AM7/26/22
to pitu...@googlegroups.com
Recent versions of junit require hamcrest to separately added to the classpath. I have updated the ant-example to use 4.13.2 and the latest version of pitest.


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Jul 26, 2022, 12:48:35 PM7/26/22
to PIT Users
Thank you for such a swift reply, very much appreciated. [And thank you for all your hard work on this project, too!]

I see the example and have ran it successfully, my apologies for not being aware of the hamcrest junit requirement - but that certainly explains a lot.

Unfortunately, it's still not reporting correctly in our code-base; however, I strongly suspect that is our end, and I will spend some time with this updated new information to see if I can find the solution.

Additionally however, I have also noticed a peculiarity I wonder if you/someone could advise on.
The existing code-base (before my time) was configured to output the class binaries to a folder format like "proj-FOO.jar" - where the folder name looks like a .jar file.
This seems to confuse PITest, and is also reproducible in the example script by just changing '/classes' to '/classes.jar' where applicable. [Lines 27, 30, and 38 - if I hadn't shifted any lines in the example file]
I suspect PITest is just trying to treat the paths as .jar files instead of folders - is there any way to specify folder in this case?
I can't readily change the class output path in our build.xml at this time; however, I was at least able to work-around it by copying the classes path's elsewhere and running PITest on the copy.

Lastly, if by end-of-day I've not managed to figure out why our code-base isn't reporting correctly, is it appropriate/acceptable to ask for assistance here? Entirely understandable if this space is meant for PITest specific issues; since I suspect it's something I'm missing on our end, at this point.

Thank you again for your time and efforts,
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