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Somebody ,plz help Mr.Denis for his Question below.Also this will help us to gain more insights in piping engineering.


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Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 12:50:58 -0800 (PST)
Subject: API5L end fittings
Hello. My name is Denis. I am the Russian engineer. I know materials of pipes for linear pipelines in Russia. They very strongly differ from materials on pipes according to API5L and ASTM. On this page http://www.pipingstudy.com/piping-material-combina... I found compliance:

1. API5L Gr.A -> ASTM 234WPB -> ASTM 105 ->ASTM 216WCA -> A285 Gr.C

2. API5L Gr.B -> ASTM 234WPB -> ASTM 105 ->ASTM 216WCB -> 515GR.60

Help to continue the list for pipe API5L PSL2 :

API5L Gr.42 ->?
API5L Gr.52 ->?
API5L Gr.60 ->?
API5L Gr.65 ->?
API5L Gr.70 ->?
In what document it is possible to read it?

Best regards.

Sorry for my English.

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