How to find the dose for normalized volume of specified ROI

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Jianjie Luo (Nepean Blue Mountains LHD)

Nov 29, 2020, 10:39:31 PM11/29/20

Dear Pinnacle users,

I'm having a difficulty to find the dose with specified volume/roi. For example, I would like to know how many cGys of 30% of PTV received. 

Originally, I'd like to use WindowList.DoseVolHistTabular.WidgetList.Table.Table.EntryBuffer. I know how to shift dose (set current row to cGy) to find volume but I don't know how to shift volume to find dose. Such as MakeEntryBufferCurrent = "here fill number of 30% of PTV"; It doesn't work. I tried to use loop a file to shift dose until I found my volume. Again, for unknown reason. it said ExecuteNow = "/myPath/some.Script" is wrong in an if statement {}.

So I have to use other methods to find it. now trying Track tool. I can use Track tool to move and point to Normalized Volume and display dose. How can I do it with script to let me select certain normalized volume? And how can I get the dose cGy number related the specified volume? 

It will be much appreciated if you can help!

All the best,

Jianjie Luo

Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist | Nepean Cancer Care Centre
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Andrew Thorne

May 17, 2021, 3:07:54 AM5/17/21
to pinnacle3-users
Hi Jianjie,
I think Pinnacle has a limitation on the number of times you can recall a script, and after ~200 loops it will come up with an error message as you described.

We've taken a slightly different method to find Dxx% statistics (one thing we really wish Pinnacle's Scorecard could do itself!) using the DVHGroup.MaxDoseOverrideInCentiGray.Value to set values, and DVHList.Current.PercentOutOfRange.Value to read the percentages.

We use a Newton-Raphson iteration method to quickly converge on the correct percentage, with the ROIs min and max doses as the search limits (although you'll need a check if the min dose is undefined and set to 0 if this is the case).
This method can quickly converge in around 5 to 6 loops so shouldn't go anywhere near the internal loop limit. The method is as follows:

  • Set desired percentage as a variable
  • Find ROI min dose
  • Find ROI max dose
  • Calculate mid point.
  • Set mid point as MaxDoseOverideInCentiGray
  • Check PercentageOutOfRange
  • If the percentage read out is too low, then use the mid point as the new minimum, and calculate a new mid point
  • If the percentage is too high, then use the mid point as the new maximum, and calculate a new mid point
  • Loop until the percentage is achieved (we use a 0.05 buffer each way to prevent excessive loops
Hope this helps!
Kind regards,

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