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Ольга Шикло

Nov 19, 2014, 5:15:08 AM11/19/14
I got pinba-server (everything is fine on localhost)
And remote client-host with php pinba extention. Remote host info does not appear in pinba server. 
Hosts are in Virtual Box.
So does pinba php extention supports some logging to find out what problem is? 

Antony Dovgal

Nov 19, 2014, 5:32:39 AM11/19/14
No, there is no logging.

Here is what you can do, though:
First of all, check that you've set the address and port of the server properly:
pinba.server=<host:port> or pinba.server=<host> (port is 30002 by default),
this should be reflected in your phpinfo()

After that make sure that you've enabled it: pinba.enabled=1, this should also be in phpinfo().

If all of the above is right, then the problem is certainly on the server: does it accept UPD packages on Pinba port? Firewall can be blocking them, for example.
Here's how to check if the server is listening on the port:
# netstat -ln | grep 30002 (change this to your port number)

Firewall might be a little more trickier, run this to see what's the current rules:
# iptables -L INPUT

Btw, we have a Russian-speaking mailing list here:

Antony Dovgal
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