ANN: Pinax 0.9a1 released!

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Brian Rosner

Jul 21, 2010, 6:45:49 PM7/21/10
Hey everyone —

On behalf of the Pinax team and all contributors I am happy to announce the availability of Pinax 0.9a1. This release sets the bar much higher and we're only getting started. This is the first release of the 0.9 development line. This alpha includes:

* rebased starter projects for better consistency
* removed basic_profiles in favor of idios; solving "How do I add more fields to the profile?"
* Pinax is a proper Python package and is installable via pip (no more
* removed mod_python support
* removed template_utils dependency in core Pinax (didn't need to be there)
* added new starter projects: zero, account, static and company (with more to come)
* upgraded Django to 1.2 from 1.0
* use django-mailer 0.2 development releases which include support for Django e-mail backends
* removed PINAX_ROOT sys.path hack in projects (allowing Pinax to avoid being leaky)
* nested group support
* various improvements to core apps
* improved password reset
* replaced django-wikiapp with django-wakawaka

Some TODOs we have on our sights for future releases:

* refactor of friends into separate apps and a new starter project for sites with friendship relationships and invitations
* rebase social project on an upcoming friends project being worked on in the
friends-refactor branch.
* improve settings
* clean up some of the apps in social project that aren't being maintained
* and much more...

In future releases we'll continue to improve our CHANGELOG providing what is new and updating of missing items. There *will* be some documentation forth coming about how to migrate from 0.7.X to 0.9, but this work has not begun yet. If you are running 0.7.X and would like to upgrade keep in mind there are some backwards incompatibilities. You are welcome to start any sort of document documenting these as you go and it will help us tremendously. Also, don't be shy to ask on the mailing list or in IRC.

A rough timeline without the time for 0.9 is as follows:

* 0.9a2
* 0.9b1 — hopefully only a single beta
* 0.9rc1
* 0.9 final

The recommended approach for getting Pinax is to use pip. Now that it is a standard package you can install it however you like, but we do have some getting started [1] guidelines for best practices. The downloads [2] page will be undergoing some next within the next week to better work with the new type of releases along with some new features on We'll keep you posted.

If you find bugs please report them on CPC [3] and we'll take a look!



Brian Rosner

Snaky Love

Jul 27, 2010, 12:49:02 PM7/27/10
to Pinax Users
Hi Brian,

this is great news, thank you very much to the pinax team!

In ROADMAP I read on top o the list "implement better per-object
permissions" - is this already in 0.9 and how to use it?
If I want to have control about who has the permission to create a
group - or if I want group members to have a "read only" permission -
how do I implement this?

Thanks for your attention!
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