Installing Pinax 0.7 on Ubuntu

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Christos Jonathan Hayward

Mar 25, 2013, 6:42:38 PM3/25/13
I've been working to make a 0.7 Pinax social project work with current versions of Django and Pinax, and it's been a time sink: we're talking zero to sixty for one week and counting for a timesaver for the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. I realized today that I was maybe halfway through an ersatz port of the project and my virtualenv to current versions of Python and Django.

In other words, my approach has been a losing approach.

Is there any way that I can forcibly install Pinax 0.7, with a corresponding Python version, on my Ubuntu machine? Part of the difficulty is that I don't know how to get Pinax 0.7; it's not available from its original URL, and there are dozens of websites offering a free download for Pinax 0.7, but when you drill down they link to the official site. Meaning I haven't found an independent Pinax 0.7 source tarball.

Does anyone happen to have a Pinax 0.7.x source tarball available?

And can anyone tell me what version of Django would work best with that Pinax?

And if Python 2.7.3 is going to cause problems, what version of Python should I have Django running on?

I've certainly identified a losing way to get a Pinax social project up. A couple of them, actually, if you count pulling the pinax-soclal-project stub from the official site and then try to do anything more social then edit a minimal account profile.

I made a tarball snapshot before trying to "make it work together." Now I was wondering if people could help me with what I hope is a winning approach, installing 0.7 and dependencies.


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