it is all kind of a syntax hell, all of it

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Raoul Duke

Jun 22, 2022, 1:29:49 AMJun 22
i actually like react and redux. or at least i did when i was doing
react-native. (and i sure do not like mobx if you ask me.) but i have
to say that as one develops ever more layers of DSL kool-aid
technobabble, it does start to look ever more insane and like some
freakish cult. how can one introduce new paradigms and not have it
just seem insane? probably no way to really avoid the problem. :-(

Raoul Duke

Jun 22, 2022, 1:57:22 AMJun 22
...One thing that super extra kills me about DSLs in the javascript
world is that there's no static typing, often, which means I can't
even click on things to find out what the type might be. Sure flow and
typescript help, but plenty of code doesn't use those. Also in some
statically typed languages with inference it can be a pain in the ass
to figure out what a type is sometimes. Xcode and Swift often don't
have a clue about things even though it is all presumably known by the
compiler at some point.

Overall usability in software development is a poopy freaking joke,
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