USB Host/UHPHS/EHCI question (Mini-Box pico-SAM9G45 vs AT91SAM9G45-EKES)

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Tom Hartnett

Sep 17, 2013, 11:01:23 AM9/17/13

I have several pico-SAM9G45s and an Atmel AT91SAM9G45-EKES (evaluation/development card).  Most everything I've done and tried works fine on BOTH platforms.  But..

I've implemented the USB UDPHS (device) and UHPHS (host/EHCI).  On the EKES, I can connect the host port to the device port and everything seems fine.  But it doesn't work on the pico-SAM9G45.  And I can connect the pico-SAM9G45's device port to the EKES's host port and (again) everything seems fine.  But connecting the pico-SAM9G45's host port to the EKES's device port doesn't work.

So the bottom line is that there's something wrong or missing with my implementation of the EHCI on the pico-SAM9G45.  The difference, hardware-wise, between the pico-SAM9G45 and the EKES is that the pico-SAM9G45 uses an "SMSC USB2514 USB 2.0 High-Spped 4-Port Hub Controller" external to the AT91SAM9G45.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look at or as to what I'm missing?


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