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Yasmeen Shabana

Sep 26, 2022, 11:30:11 AM9/26/22
to PicApport

after some struggle, I was able to install PicApport on Windows 11. and it works fine and I added my photos. maps module works great. I reconfigured the admin account and configured another user account. all seems to be working as it should

so I want to make my server available on the android app... 

so here is the issue.
1- for some reason Picapport is not using localhost but it is using a specific / static IP address. picapport.properties doesn't have config there for IP address but port is configured
2- when I configure the same server IPAddress:port in the android app, the page comes blank.
3- I am using a VPN.

any help is appreciated



Sep 26, 2022, 11:48:29 AM9/26/22
to PicApport

are you able to open your PicApport Webpage in the browser of your mobile (while outside yor network and connected via VPN)?

If not: Sounds like a firewall configuration issue. Is any device able to reach the server instance of PicApport? Is the configured port open for LAN and VPN?

If yes: The easiest way would be to visit your PicApport page and create a shortcut to your homescreen. PicApport has a build in WebApp so after that close your browser and reopen your shortcut an you get nearly (or fully?) the same experience. 

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