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Jones, Bryan

Aug 7, 2018, 10:52:33 AM8/7/18

Thanks for the specific bug report. How recent is the PIC24 library set you're using? I included some improvements published late last year which might affect the outcome.

Unfortunately, I do all my testing and development these days on the dsPIC33E, so I haven't tested on a PIC24H. The PIC24E works fine for me with BullyCPP, though. Any thoughts/fixes are welcome.

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 10:02 PM Dave Weaver <> wrote:

Trying to initialize some new PIC24GP202s. BullyCPP fails with a message “Error: Timeout while writing serial port.” BullyCPP indicates it is v1.0.0. My steps were:

1)      1: MPLAB XPE PE v4.20 with pickit 3

a)      erase device

b)      verify blank

c)      load “hex/p24HJ32GP202_default_bootloader.hex”

d)     program

e)      verify

2)      MPLAB X IDE v4.20

a)      load project echo

b)      remove gld file

c)      add “lib/lkr/p24HJ32GP202_bootldr.gld”

d)     clean build

3)      BullyCPP that fails

So I copied over a firmware file and a gld file from the original environment. Using the same tools except that BullyCPP was replaced by winbootloader and everything worked except for a few inconsequential messages about the gld file.

Please advise where I went wrong. Thanks.


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