Challenge presentations, posters, and preprints for CinC 2022

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PhysioNet Challenge

Aug 25, 2022, 9:30:04 AM8/25/22
to physionet-challenges
Dear Challengers,

CinC 2022 starts in a little over a week, and many of you have important questions about remote attendance, remote presentations, and other conference-related topics. The CinC organizers will make an announcement with much of this information shortly. Please follow their instructions, and please ask them for clarification for any details that remain unclear. The email address for the local CinC organizers is

Oral presentations and poster presentations
Some of you are unclear about whether you are giving an oral presentation or a poster presentation and/or the date and time of your presentation. Please check the preliminary program for this information. The Challenge oral presentation sections are S54 and S64, the Challenge poster presentation sections are P7_8 and PA_8, and all of the times are EEST (GMT+3):

Uploading your posters
The poster presentation sessions are on two different days, and we want to make sure that we have ample time to see all of your posters. Please upload your poster using this form by 4 Sept. 2022 (the first day of the conference) for rankings and prize eligibility:

(If you are absolutely unable to complete this form for some reason, then please respond to this email with your poster, but please email us instead of the mailing list.)

The conference organizers may also ask you to upload your posters. Please follow their instructions as well.

CinC proceedings preprints
CinC has requested that you upload your preprints by 1 Sept. 2022. We usually ask you to upload them earlier so that we have extra time to review them, but the delayed information about the conference may make this harder to do this year. Please upload your poster using this form by 1 Sept. 2022 (the conference deadline) for rankings and prize eligibility:

Again, please see this page for information about your preprints, including templates and instructions:

Final remarks
Again, please stay tuned for announcements from the CinC conference organizers, and please contact them with questions about the conference. We will share more updates as we learn more as well. We are all looking forward to the conference and the next steps of the Challenge!

(On behalf of the Challenge team.)

Please post questions and comments in the forum. However, if your question reveals information about your entry, then please email info at We may post parts of our reply publicly if we feel that all Challengers should benefit from it. We will not answer emails about the Challenge to any other address. This email is maintained by a group. Please do not email us individually.

Quick links for this year's Challenge:
- Registration form
- Submission instructions and form
- Public discussion forum
- Rules and deadlines
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