Innovative open review and preprints prior to journal submission for PhysioNet Challenge

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PhysioNet Challenge

Aug 19, 2022, 4:27:39 PM8/19/22
to physionet-challenges
Dear Challengers,

We traditionally invite teams to submit extended versions of their work to a focus issue in a journal. Teams often struggle to detail their work in a 4-page conference proceedings paper, and the focus issue provides them with a venue for exploring the Challenge and their approach to the Challenge.

For the 2022 PhysioNet Challenge, we will require teams that want to submit to the focus issue (or ideally any other journal) to submit their work to medRxiv first. MedRxiv is a preprint server, like arXiv and bioRxiv, for the health sciences. We will encourage the open (pre)peer-review of the papers before submitting them to a journal for a more expeditious review process. We will use these peer-reviews to help us determine the best papers to invite to a focus issue for expedited peer-review and publication. We ask all teams to announce their medRxiv preprint via the Challenge Google Group, and encourage members of other teams (and colleagues) to comment on the article. We have posted our preprint on medRxiv:

As in previous years, a requirement of the Challenge is that the Challengers may not share their work about the Challenge before the end of CinC. Teams are allowed to do what they’d like after the Challenge, but we encourage teams to submit their work to medRxiv and the subsequent focus issue. As usual, we will support their submissions to the focus issue by evaluating code bases on the hidden test set one last time.

Many thanks in advance to everyone for their wonderful participation in this 23rd year of Challenges!

Gari (On behalf of the Challenge team.)

Quick links for this year's Challenge:
- Registration form
- Submission instructions and form
- Public discussion forum
- Rules and deadlines

Aug 20, 2022, 10:34:43 PM8/20/22
to physionet-challenges
What is the deadline to submit the 4-page paper to the medRxiv? I thought that we already had tight deadline of 7 days to submit to Cinc.

PhysioNet Challenge

Aug 20, 2022, 10:42:10 PM8/20/22
to, physionet-challenges
There is no deadline to submit to medRxiv at this stage, and you should just follow the normal procedures for submitting to the cinc conference (indicating that your 4 page paper is ready to be viewed before the conference).
However, if you are considering a follow-up extended journal article, please post it to medRxiv and solicit feedback from this Google group. 
We will pick the best articles and invite the authors to submit (with reviews) for a focus issue later in the year or early next year.

Hope this clarifies any confusion.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Finland (or in cyberspace) soon!


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