Can you teach PHP? Would you like the opportunity to teach at a university?

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Jan 19, 2015, 5:22:11 AM1/19/15

Happy new year! 

With the new year we find ourselves requiring someone who is interested in/prepared to/capable of teaching PHP in a 25 seat computing lab to a smallish group of second year students in Salford Business School. The work is 4 hours a week over the semester (so 12 weeks). The lectures and some of lab sessions are covered by a full-time member of staff in the School.

We are also on the hunt for someone (it could be the same someone as the PHP role above) to cover the basics of HTML/CSS with first year students on the same Business Information Technology course. It is a similar deal (4 hrs for 12 weeks) and you would be working with 3 full-time colleagues including one entirely focused on the technical aspects of the module. In other words we won't leave you in the dark.

If you are interested or want further details get in contact with me, This is fairly urgent as classes start at Salford University in the first week of February.


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