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Dec 19, 2019, 12:35:07 PM12/19/19
to phpliteadmin
Hi there...My Macbook Air comes with php v. 7.3.9 and sql v. 3.28.0 already installed, and earlier I downloaded phpliteadmin, which I want to run with PHP only/without a 'full-blown server'.

The only instructions I could find were as per the official website ( but I came stuck pretty much straight away. 

How do I run phpliteadmin on my Macbook? I already have php so didn't do any of the steps from that point forward, which were Windows-specific anyway, and clicking http://localhost:8000/phpliteadmin.php fails to open the webpage that I presume allows me to create/edit databases?

Please help!!!

Christopher Kramer

Dec 28, 2019, 10:51:29 AM12/28/19
to phpliteadmin

I don't have a Mac here to test, but the steps in the wiki are not exactly windows-specific, it works the same on Linux or Mac. Just that paths look different, you start a terminal differently and you run `php` instead of `php.exe`.

"I already have php". Great. Have you found and adjusted the php.ini file? On linux it would be somewhere like /etc/php/php.ini , probably the path is similar on a Mac.
Have you started php with the webserver option? Like
php -S localhost:8000

On Mac and Linux, executables don't have the '.exe' extension, so you run 'php' instead of 'php.exe' .

Maybe I will do a Linux version of the wiki page.

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