Are there special uses of VPN?

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Jul 28, 2021, 5:03:24 PMJul 28
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Are there special uses of VPN?

Working remote seems like a good thing. I am new to it albeit it seems lots of developers are already doing it. I have been giving all the network, username, and password information and I am told that I can "HTML5 VPN Portal (any browser)" ... whatever that means. Please tell me whatever that means !! How is this done? So far all I know about VPN is that it is a bit of software I can use to mask my location. Apparently it has more than one meeting.

I suspect there is a common use of VPN or maybe others on the team are calling "VPN" something else. I now there is a secure site login. Is this what this is?

Apart from using google or a search engine to look up an answer to this, I feel a sense of urgency to engage in social media and web forums for an answer.  This seems like a bit of fuzzy logic needs to be used to get a grasp of this and to get an answer.  I am guessing that maybe something else is being used instead of VPN and I suspect there is some human error involved in describing this to me.

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