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Martin at MHCreations

Jul 4, 2022, 7:33:31 AMJul 4

Of note, the github for PSR-20 ( references php-fig pages that no longer exist ( ) . It looks like PSR-20 has already come to a dead end.


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"Larry Garfield" <>: Jul 03 12:15PM -0500

The PSR-20 working group has been inactive for many months now (it's been 10 months since any changes to the spec document[1]), far longer than the allowed time for a working group to be inactive. The Editor, Chris Seufert, has been inactive and unreachable via Discord in the WG's channel for several months. The Sponsor, Chuck Burgess, has also not responded to messages on Discord in the WG's channel.
Per the bylaws[2]:
The Editor or Sponsor of a Working Group may step down at any time by informing the Core Committee via the mailing list. If the departing individual specifies an intended replacement from the Working Group membership, that individual will assume the vacant role immediately, by Implicit Approval. If necessary, a Decision Vote to appoint a new Editor or Sponsor may be held following a suitable nomination period.
Should a Working Group be missing an Editor for 60 days; be missing a Sponsor for 60 days; have insufficient active members for 60 days; or show no signs of activity for six months, then the Core Committee may hold a Decision Vote to name a new Editor or Sponsor, following a suitable nomination process. One of the options in that Decision Vote must be to dissolve the Working Group. If no suitable candidates for Editor or Sponsor may be found, then the Working Group is automatically dissolved.
At this time, the PSR-20 WG is inactive. There are four possible next steps:
1. The Sponsor becomes active again and nominates a new Editor who can complete the PSR and bring it to a vote. If there is a dispute over who the Editor should be, the CC will hold a Decision Vote.
2. The Sponsor may step down as Sponsor, in which case a new Sponsor from the CC will need to step forward. If there is a dispute over who the Editor should be, the CC will hold a Decision Vote. The new Sponsor will then take step 1.
3. Neither the Sponsor nor Editor are heard from, so the CC appoints a new Sponsor and Editor by Decision Vote.
4. The working group is dissolved and PSR-20 is listed as abandoned.
Of note: Other current members of the working group[3] are eligible to be the new Editor, but the Sponsor must be a member of the Core Committee.
If nothing happens within 2 weeks, I believe we should declare option 4 enacted by default and the WG abandoned.
(I would personally like to avoid option 4, as I really do believe this spec is valuable and should be completed.)
Larry Garfield
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