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Navarr Barnier

Nov 25, 2022, 6:19:51 PM11/25/22
to PHP Framework Interoperability Group
Hi all!

Github user @lgados brought up a point in that a copyright owner should be listed somewhere.  While the bylaws already contain provisions stating what code and documentation must be licensed under, repositories such as link-util are missing any copyright notification.

While I'm unsure how necessary that truly is, I've proposed an update to the bylaws that dictates the copyright owner to be "PHP Framework Interop Group and its contributors"

You can preview the exact wording here:

Any decision we come to, however, I think would be better than ":author_name <:author_email>"

Larry Garfield

Dec 5, 2022, 10:46:17 AM12/5/22
Well, since no one else has weighed in here, I'll weigh in.

I'm open to this; I just want to ensure that what we're listing is actually legally valid. The proposal above seems like it to be, but IANAL. Mainly I want to avoid us needing to have a formal copyright assignment process or license agreement, as that just creates a messy barrier to participation. Does anyone know a friendly OSS attorney who could glance at it and say "yup"? That would be sufficient for me.

--Larry Garfield
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