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Corrie Spellman

Jul 21, 2021, 1:25:57 PMJul 21
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Dear POP Partners,

Last year, inspired to make some changes due to the pandemic, we made some changes to our typical fall Orchard Dinner. Instead, POP held a short online virtual program featuring updates from our orchard partners and a timed-admission Open House at the POP Learning Orchard at the Woodlands. You can read an event recap here.

We would love to celebrate in this way again! As part of the virtual program, we intend to compile a video with updates from POP partners all over the city, spotlighting the Beauty and Educational Opportunity that POP orchards bring to our communities - what POP partners said they value the most about their orchards in our 2020 POP Orchard Partner Survey.

Can you help POP celebrate our shared stories by sending us a short (30-60 second video) filmed on your phone or tablet? 

  1. Your name/organization.

  2. Where the orchard is located.

  3. A short story spotlighting the Beauty or Educational Opportunity happening in your orchard. Take us to your favorite spot in the orchard and tell us what you love about it. OR Tell us what type of educational opportunities happen within the orchard space, or what you dream of happening. 

  4. Still or Motion images we’d love to see from your orchard: Someone harvesting! Someone enjoying fruit! Your favorite spot in the orchard. 

(Here is a quick guide for filming with your phone).

Please upload your images and videos to our google drive here by Friday, August 27th to allow time to compile all videos in time for the celebration! If you have any questions feel free to reach out! We look forward to hearing from you!

Corrie Spellman-Lopez

Corrie Spellman-Lopez 
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Philadelphia Orchard Project
Pronouns: she/her

"65 community orchards, 1472 fruit trees, and growing!"

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