POP TIPS: Oriental Fruit Moth Alert!

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Phil Forsyth

May 20, 2021, 11:09:26 AMMay 20
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Philly Orchardists,
We're seeing active oriental fruit moths (OFM) at some sites.  In our observation, OFM did the most damage of any insect pest to tree fruit crops last year.  Time to check your stone fruit trees (especially peaches) and prune out and remove the first generation, which attacks branch tips, causing flagging.  See more info below and join us at our hands-on POPCORE workshop on 6/12 to see some of these techniques demonstrated! 

POP TIPS: Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM) 

This moth has severely damaged crops of stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, cherries and even almonds!) in many city orchards.  Easily identifiable from the clear gummy castings from fruit and flagging branch tips.  Read POP's full article on OFM here:

Clear gummy castings from stone fruits are a sign of OFM damage.  

a. Keep your eye out for the first generation of OFM in May, which attack branch tips, causing dieback called flagging!  Prune out any branch tip flags and kill the larvae inside.   
Flagging branch tips should be removed as soon as possible and larvae inside killed to reduce impact on fruit from the 2nd generation of OFM! 

b. If OFM was a big problem last year, you might consider ordering some mating disruption pheremones, although this really only makes sense for larger orchard installations.  We just sourced some OFM Isomate from:

Helena Agri, Woodstown, NJ  856-769-0147  

c. Pheremone traps for monitoring are available from places like: 

But note these are really just to help with the timing of sprays.  

d. Another option for those with severe OFM problems is to order some BT spray to apply later in the season: 

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