POP TIPS: OFM and Brown Rot Management for July/Aug

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Phil Forsyth

Jul 23, 2020, 9:10:30 AM7/23/20
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Philly Orchardists,
Continuing our year long highlight of these two very common growing challenges. . .

Oriental fruit moth and brown rot have long since done their damage to stone fruits, but there are still management tasks to reduce damage they may cause next year.  

The key task in summer months is to remove all infected fruits on the tree and any fallen fruits. 

Have any fruits that look like this? 


After our humid spring, orchard stone fruits including cherries, plums, peaches, and apricots have been hit with a lot of brown rot. 
 Good to remove infected fruit and prune out any twig cankers to prevent further spreading.  Preventative sprays next spring may be an option in the case of heavy crop losses.  Read more here: 

Or this? 


We've also seen a lot of Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM) attacking peaches, plums, and other stone fruits.  
Remove fruit with oozing entry holes.  Well timed neem and BT sprays can also help.  Read more here: 

Any damaged fruitlets should be put in a hot compost system, bagged and removed from site, or fed to chickens or other poultry! 

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Philadelphia Orchard Project
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