Monica Malpass gone?

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Apr 21, 2005, 3:27:49 AM4/21/05
Anyone have any speculation as to what's going on?

>From article published 4/14/05:

Where's Monica? Action News' Monica Malpass has been missing in action
for almost three weeks, and nobody will say why.

Malpass, who co-anchors with Rick Williams at 5 p.m., was last on the
air March 25. She was scheduled for vacation, a WPVI rep says,
declining to disclose its length.

So where's Malpass and when will she return? "It's a personal matter
and I can't comment," the rep says in an e-mail. Malpass, a 16-year
'PVI veteran, is in the midst of a nasty divorce from builder David
Personally, I have my own speculation. Sometime in late January, there
was a blurb in the inky/daily about a male-female TV anchor duo not
getting along. For some odd reason, I immediately thought of Rick and
Monica. Shortly thereafter, Sarah Bloomquist was named co-anchor of the
12 Noon news with Rick (formally Monica's spot), thus leaving Rick and
Monica only together from 5-6 PM. This was in February, I think. Now
Monica's been off-air altogether since late March. Anyone else care to

- Mike

Apr 21, 2005, 1:45:24 PM4/21/05
Follow up stpry posted today.

>From article published 4/21/05:

Dan Gross | So, where's Monica?

MONICA MALPASS has been off Action News for about a month and several
rumors continue to circulate as to why that is.

One says the 43-year-old is having some work done.

Another, more likely answer is that the 6ABC anchor's absence is
somehow related to her prolonged, and bitter, divorce battle with
developer David Cutler.

Sources say an internal conflict arose when Malpass had wanted WPVI
managers to tesfify on her behalf. A station spokeswoman, like a broken
record, says only that she cannot comment on personnel matters.

Meanwhile, Malpass' bid to toss the prenuptial agreement she signed
with Cutler has been squashed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which
refused to hear the case. In August, her appeal to the state Superior
Court to toss the prenup was rejected.

In the prenuptial agreement signed before their June 1995 wedding,
Malpass is to receive only $150,000 from Cutler, who is worth more than
$100 million.

Cutler has been and will continue to pay child support for the couple's
son, said his attorney.

As we mentioned in August, Malpass may be kicking herself as she once,
sources say, turned down a seven-figure offer from Cutler to drop her
challenge and move ahead with the divorce, for which Cutler filed in

Though she's off-air, Malpass is not in hiding. Saturday she attended
both the wedding of colleague Cecily Tynan and also the New York
nuptials of former WB-17 reporter Alison Harmelin.

Harmelin married Samer Hamadeh at the Union League where also present
were U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews and U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter with wife, Joan.
Specter, who's battling Hodgkin's disease, was looking good and
dancing, we're told, giving the bride a few spins around the floor.

Malpass turned up alone at the Harmelin wedding. Nowhere to be seen was
PNC Bank President Bill Mills with whom she has been keeping company

Malpass and her attorneys did not return our calls yesterday.

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