Some initial thoughs on Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011

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Moore, Jesse

Oct 25, 2010, 1:20:50 PM10/25/10

So I can now share my first impression of Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2011...  Here is where I stand on the book, I have read straight through to page 33, but because of 'demand for knowledge now' I searched and found some vital information via the index. So total I may have read 70 or so pages...


For all that know me, I have the same basic feelings I have for Revit.  It could be better.  The book is the rough with diamonds sprinkled throughout... The bad first this time, It seems rushed, there seem to be some errors here and there,  I wish they would expand more on some subjects, and a few times seem to lead you down paths that will screw you later.  The good is that if you have experience with Revit MEP, can understand what they are trying to do, and know some pitfalls; you could still very well find some more very useful tools for your disposal.  Remember the Diamonds part???  For all of you that don’t have that experience, it is basically like troubleshooting a radio.  You follow the good until you find the bad, ask yourself why is it bad, if needed fix it, repeat if necessary to find the other thing wrong, and carry on...  And when all else fails you just need to play round with it and see what it does.


I know what you are saying,” You Crazy Nut!!!!! What your telling me is you need experience just to understand this book”  Which is correct and the book actually say’s it, but just remember this book is the first specifically for MEP that I know about, it has 3 authors that I’m guessing have other jobs, and how long has Revit MEP 2011 actually been out???  Just a few months really…  And they had to write an entire book about it… Of course it will not be the best it could be.


Through it all, I have faith in this publisher, the mastering series, and authors.  Please read the Introduction, because there are tools in place for this book to only get better.  On the question would I buy it again.  Hell Yes, because this is the first on the MEP subject, I am mostly self taught augmented with a few books and vender training, and you can’t ignore those Diamonds…  My guess is that you all will think the same.  My one disclaimer this time around, is I guess I’m a fool in thinking that one book would solve all my problems…

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