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Gautham Shankar

Apr 27, 2017, 2:05:49 AM4/27/17
to pgina-general
Hi Guys,

I am totally new to Windows / C# world (basically from java world), trying to setUp PGina. I was able to generate the Custom Plugin following the tutorial ( Unfortunately i am unable to test it out.. Following are the options i tried.

Installed PGina, using PginaConfiguration window Plugin Selection (tab) -> Search directories (added the path to CustomPlugin.dll). This does not show up in the list of Plugins recognized by the Plugin Service.

This seems to be wrong approach, there must be a way to generate the installer from the source code that i dowloaded ( containing my newly added  CustomPlugin.cs file.


Build a custom Credential Provider in C#,  looks like C++ option of using the CredentialProvider framework may be expensive considering the short time and my inexperience in C++.

Please advise if there is a better approach for my task at hand and will someone help me building the pGina code from scratch.


Nitin Khubani

Jun 13, 2017, 6:54:10 AM6/13/17
to pgina-general
Hi Gautham,

I was able to create a plugin and am able to reach to the stage of authentication. I am getting another error: now but thats regardless for you. However your issue is you are not able to get that plugin to work.

Can you rather get the latest code and then run the configuration project? 

Also I faced issue for installing pgina service so set "Service" as my startup project and took breakpoint directly to line number 59 (m_log.DebugFormat("Installing service...");) which installed the service for me.

Kyle Moser

Jun 15, 2017, 5:10:20 PM6/15/17
Sure I'll help you out. This project is essentially dead, the contributors do not respond to the mailing list and you should not use it. If you are going to use it, just take their C++ source code and use it as a reference for building your own credential provider. In my opinion, the project misses the point. They built a credential framework that passes authentication details to "plugins" but doesn't give you any options for customizing the login process (e.g. adding more fields, or sending certain fields to certain plugins but not to others). Now onto your question: credential providers are not built in C#, they are built in C++. Your requirement to build one in C++ is impossible without using pInvoke or some other way (C++/CLI?) to bridge between managed and unmanaged code. 

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