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Oct 8, 2021, 10:03:46 AM10/8/21
Please make an appointment with a veterinarian who is licensed to examine, diagnose & treat the medical problem.

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Oct 8, 2021, 10:38:30 AM10/8/21
Thanks everyone for your comments!

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Patagonik8 <>: Oct 07 04:55PM -0400

Hi! Does anyone experience this with your dog?
My dog is licking his paws often and I can’t tell if that causes this or he actually have a wound or some sort of rash and he is licking it to feel better. It’s on his 4 paws.
.Does anyone know? Any home remedy suggestion?
Thanks group!
Joanna <>: Oct 07 05:39PM -0400

My boxer had this. Vet said it was allergies and had me give him Zyrtec. When it got bad he would get a steroid shot. Also put him on a grain free diet rich in omega-3s. It helped, but didn’t get rid of it completely.
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Nicole La Rosa <>: Oct 07 05:59PM -0400

My dog had allergies really, really bad this summer. I tried OTC allergy
meds but ended up having to get prescription allergy meds from the vet.
That did the trick and she was fine after being on them a day or two. I'm
still continuing them till everything finally dies off later this fall. I
don't know what it was but this year was terrible for allergies. In normal
years, Claritin gets her through the seasonal spells. Suggest you check in
with your vet for the proper dose of OTC allergy meds for your dogs
weight/size if you go that route.
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