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Ravi Tejwani

Apr 30, 2015, 1:10:24 AM4/30/15
to person...@googlegroups.com
I ran the script this way:

tools/download_feed.py person https://google.org/personfinder/2015-nepal-earthquake/feeds/person2000-01-01 csv persons.csv <My Access Key>

It gives me the following error:

Usage: download_feed.py [options] <feed_url>

Downloads the records in a PFIF Person or Note feed into an XML or CSV file.
By default, fetches the specified <feed_url> once and saves only the Person
records in it.  Specify --notes to get the Note records.  If you specify the
--min_entry_date option, this will make multiple fetches as necessary to
retrieve all the records with an entry_date >= min_entry_date.  Examples:

  # Make one request for recent Person records in the 'test-nokey' repository
  # and print the XML to stdout.  (This gets the last 200 entered records.)

  # Convert the Person records in a PFIF XML file to CSV format.
  % download_feed.py https://example.org/data.xml --out=data.csv

  # Download all the Person records entered since Jan 1, 2010 to a CSV file.
  % download_feed.py --min_entry_date=2010-01-01 --out=persons.csv \

  # Download all the Note records entered since Jan 1, 2010 to an XML file.
  % download_feed.py --notes --min_entry_date=2010-01-01 --out=notes.xml \

The above examples use the test-nokey repository, which does not require an
API key.  Most repositories on google.org require a key, so <feed_url> will
look like https://www.google.org/personfinder/<repo>/feeds/person?key=<key>.

download_feed.py: error: Feed URL not specified; try -h for help

Hiroshi Ichikawa (市川 宙)

Apr 30, 2015, 1:52:35 AM4/30/15
to personfinder on behalf of Ravi Tejwani
Hello Ravi,

As written in the error message, it should be instead:

tools/download_feed.py --format=csv --key=<My Access Key> --min_entry_date=2000-01-01 https://google.org/personfinder/2015-nepal-earthquake/feeds/person

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Google Crisis Response Team
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Apr 30, 2015, 1:53:21 AM4/30/15
to personfinder on behalf of Hiroshi Ichikawa
and --out=persons.csv if you want to store the output in a file.
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