Creating new PURLs seems impossible

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Ar Brahaj

Mar 23, 2015, 7:19:58 AM3/23/15
Sorry the rookie nature of the subject of this topic. I have been trying to register a new persistent URL since some time, but seems impossible.
First of all, I created an account and I was hoping the system would be straightforward, you request an URL under a domain and it is granted (or not!). Problem: A new user cannot request anything as he has no permissions on any domain.

I was reading the docs, and it said that a user needs to be approved. Considering my user was created a long time ago, I thought lets try to create a new user and see what initial info the system provides. Create a new user and the system says:Create Successful  /status: Approved. So despite the Help Page saying that a  new user needs approval, the system apparently automatically creates an approved user who can do nothing!

Anyone can advice how to take it from here? Searching to find the maintainer of a domain did not result in anything. Seems it is impossible to use PURL as a new user...

Any help will be appreciated,

David Wood

Mar 23, 2015, 7:22:45 AM3/23/15
to PURLs Google Group
Hi Armand,

Which PURL service are you using? I’m presuming given your description of your problem.

Hopefully someone from OCLC will get back to you shortly.

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