How to reactivate a tombstoned PURL using HSQLDB

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Tatsuya Kushida

Apr 16, 2014, 3:29:42 AM4/16/14
Dear All, 

We installed the PURLZ-Server-1.6.4 using default HSQLDB. We would like to know how to reactivate a tombstoned PURL, but we have little knowledge about HSQLDB, so it would be helpful if you tell us the process by GUI or CUI. 

Best regards,

David Wood

Apr 16, 2014, 9:54:29 AM4/16/14
to PURLs Google Group
Hi Tatsuya,

I am not aware of a GUI for HSQLDB.  There is a command line client called SqlTool.  Please see:

However, you should note this comment in their documentation:
"If you are really comfortable with grep, perl, or vim, you will instantly be an expert with SqlTool command-line editing."

Once you have connected to the database, you will need to run a SQL query to unset the tombstone flag on the PURL.
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