Writing Persian Poetry with GPT-2.0, by Afshin Khashei

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Behnam Esfahbod

Apr 1, 2020, 3:50:31 AM4/1/20
to Persian Computing
Hi there,

We haven't had any posts here (and much news in general) on language models for Persian for a few years now. That's why I'm very excited about this Medium post by Afshin Khashei:

Writing Persian Poetry with GPT-2.0

In January 2020 I pre-trained a Persian GPT-2 medium model on a large text corpus that was collected from the internet. After that, I tried different ways to fine-tune this model to generate classical and modern Persian poetry. 
My goal was to generate classical Persian poetry in a given topic while adhering to the strict rhythmic and rhyming structure of Persian poetry. To achieve that, I tried three different approaches:
  1. Pre-training GPT2 medium on a large corpus of plain text (like the above model) then continues training on classical Persian poetry for a while.
  2. Training GPT2 medium on a large corpus of text including both poetry and text, with heavier weight on poetry. (Poetry content was repeated in training set a few times more than the plain text).
  3. Training a GPT2 small only on a corpus of classical and modern poetry.

The article has some nice samples generated by the model. Check it out there.


Behnam Esfahbod | بهنام اسفهبد | Q4880939 Q2064908

Mitra Mir

Mar 13, 2021, 1:02:31 PM3/13/21
to Persian Computing

Hi Behnam!

I was just scrolling through the search results until I found your comment in here. I think text generation is indeed an interesting problem to solve! I wanted to see if you have done anything further on this matter?

Warm regards,

Behnam Esfahbod

Mar 13, 2021, 1:54:19 PM3/13/21
to Mitra Mir, Persian Computing
Hi Mitra,

This is not exactly my area of expertise. I suggest contacting the author of the article, Afshin Khashei, who seem to working in this area.


Behnam Esfahbod | بهنام اسفهبد | Q4880939 Q2064908 | behnam.es


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