What to do with apples

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Leigh Blackall

Apr 30, 2008, 3:57:02 AM4/30/08
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This one is mostly for Jason.. but I'm sure others will have suggestions.

Out at Dunedin Airport there are two old apple trees. Right now there is at least 50kg of fruit on the ground around them! Almost all of it is good! I grabbed a plastic nag out of the car and grabbed a bunch. (Note: must remember to carry a bucket and/or cloth bags in the car).

Jason, you're a local expert on heritage apples. Do you know what variety these are. They are red and very small, their flesh is very sweet, however their skin is sour. Here's a picture. How do I go about propagating these apple seeds?

The skin is probably too sour to enjoyably eat. I could cut the skin away. Perhaps they're cooking apples? The flesh is lovely sweet. Any suggestions?

Leigh Blackall
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jason ross

May 4, 2008, 5:29:11 AM5/4/08
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Hi Leigh, yes its crazy to see piles of apples etc under fruit trees and on the other hand people moaning about the price of fresh fruit!!! once again it shows that we can produce food, now we just need to create a culture of local use and distribution....

I cannot even hazard a guess from your photo sorry, for trees that are especially healthy / productive yummy that you want to try have identified, the tree crops association offers an identifying service, (a best guess) for this we require 6 just ripe fruit, contact me if you are interested.

you will have to try cooking them.

may be good juiced?

to grow apple seeds, sow either in a seed bed in your vege garden or in trays, now so that they will get frosted over the winter and should sprout next summer, grow lots and use your intuition to select the best as they grow, as Luther Burbank did!!!! He developed many more new important cultivars than other nurserypeople thought possible this way.

regards, Jas.

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