Some notes on installing PUGS on a low-memory SuSE 9.2 x86 box

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Adam Preble

Mar 30, 2005, 12:58:24 AM3/30/05
I thought I'd share some notes about the build process with others --
particularly anybody that may be searching for help on the Internet. I
have a SuSE 9.2 box with only 128MB of RAM. I ran into some problems
building pugs initially, but it's finally installed.

On systems with less than 200MB of memory, you'll have to change
something in Makefile.PL. Specifically, any reference to -H200 in that
file needs to be decreased. The tells ghc how much memory it has to
play with, and you'll have to set it to below how much you currently
have. I used -H100.

If you installed GHC, you had to get readline installed. It may be
confusing then if you run into linker errors finding -lreadline.
Install the readline-devel package, and also install ncurses-devel while
you're at it. These should be available on CD5, and installable from yast.

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